Wednesday, October 1, 2014

From Drab to Modern Coastal

Before, the furniture was out of scale, and too dark for Florida. On this project I suggested to paint the walls and redo an accent wall of mosaic tiles to give a traditional home a more modern look. The results are just what the client wanted.  A space that reflect their personality and style.  The overall scale is perfect.  One design obstacle or problem was how to treat the high ceiling and specially a long wall in which the sofa is almost touching the wall.  We found this set of 9 prints which depicts a tropical was the perfect balance.  Normally I would not design or place a sofa so close to wall but this was the best layout.  The coffee table is a large chunky square with 4 small ottomans on casters which can be pulled anywhere in the room.  These ottomans by the way, have storage is perfect to conceal pillows, games, or blankets. The large coastal collection rug dressed the wood floors quite well too!

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