Monday, April 6, 2009

Lamps and Shades for Children's Rooms

Designing children's rooms is one of the most fun spaces to decorate. Here, all the rules of decorating may be broken. We can use strong bold colors or pretty soft pastels. Basically, we can let our imagination run wild and make our dreams come true.

Here are some important points to remember while introducing elements such as lighting to child's room.

1. Inspiration: Take for instance the story of "Humpty Dumpty", an English publication based on the story of an egg who sits on a wall and falls down and breaks. This story is depicted on the fabric, that we at our studio chose for the lampshade. The textile shows how the king and all the royalty went running to save Humpty Dumpty and tried to put him together but couldn't. All the characters in the story are funny and happy, from the cat with the violin to the dancing cow!

2. Design: The design and style is based on the product itself and the theme of the room. The shape of the lamp and the shade is so important. We, at our design studio pay a lot of attention to details such as choosing a pattern with the proper fabric repeat. A repeat is a specific design shown vertically and horizontally. Humpty Dumpty has a small repeat, therefore is very easy to fit almost the entire story in a lamp shade.

3. Product: We at Dress My Shade use natural materials that are 100% cotton. We also use other products such as silks and combined fibers depending on the taste of client. Our lamp shades are embellished by beautiful trims and fringes which come in many colors, length and variations.

My final comment and advice for parents to be who are looking to decorate their little bundle of joy is never to forget to have sufficient lighting in the space. Use table lamps and chandeliers and even floor lamps next to a rocking chair. Oh, and enjoy Le Bebe all you can!!!

Mia Ross