Monday, August 31, 2009

Small Bathroom Remodel...Shower

These 2 photos shows clearly the problem and the solution for this particular space, which could be very common.
  • The space in the shower enclosure was kept the same but new 13 x 13 Italian porcelain tiles were install on the walls.
  • On the floor of the shower 5 x 5 tumble marble tiles looked spectacular.
  • A Stone & Labrador Brown marble border gave a final touch among an old world bronze shower head set.
  • An opening or niche (1x1 tumble marble tile inside) was made for extra space for shampoos, etc., finished with a stone border to match.
  • The custom shower door was a great addition. It looks clean and elegant and it's not high maintenance at all.
  • Walls were painted a strong leaf green, very transitional.
  • On all floors of the condo, a 20 x 20 porcelain tile was installed on a diagonal style. Only this guest bath floor tile was done strait, easy for the installer and a break on the design.
  • Accesories to be chosen!

More to come...

Small Bathroom Remodel...VANITY

It is such a challenge to work with small scale spaces, specially when clients think big and luxuriously. The problem here is everything, from thick wallpaper on the walls to outdated mica
1970's vanity with mirror and a corner medicine cabinet which takes all the room!
The solution is simple, client desires a french country look with some new touches. They get a beautiful carved two door cabinet (32w x 28d x 36h) with a matching mirror. There are two shelves inside cabinet, which keeps all supplies nicely organized in baskets. An under mount marble sink and top with a custom back splash is so clean and easy to maintain. The faucets came with the cabinet, just perfect...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Pebble Pillows"

I had to share this idea with you all because it's so different and unique!
Lots of time designing a space requires to do something out of the ordinary. The above free form pillows are a good example. They are constructed out of organic felt fabric material, very soft to the touch. This project will demand a very skillful seamstress, professional machinery and good organic filler. Felt fabric may come 100% natural or a mix of poly, olefin and other durable raw materials. Fabric may come in width of 48" to 54" or even 60".
I see these pillows on display at a toy store, in a nursery (may be smaller versions due to safety), or in a patio outdoors...
Be Daring!

Monday, August 17, 2009

"Children's Fabrics"

Children's Fabrics I'm Loving...

I have always said, children's rooms are the most fun to decorate! Here are some ideas in how far we can go with different textiles. The fuzzy dot above comes in a variety of colors. Fabric is compose of 100 % Poly Chenille, it is machine washable, super soft and perfect for a baby's bedding or other applications such as this lampshade. Custom make to your choice of colors.
Children Fabrics I'm loving...this western theme, just for little girls. I love the strong bold colors, and all of the object printed on the fabric that you can get ideas to decorate the nursery!
Children's Fabrics I'm loving...Its a jungle out there. This 100% Linen-Cotton is perfect to do a jungle theme. These fun appliqued animals fabric pattern come on a natural background and can be used with modern baby furniture to traditional. Think about painting a tree on a wall with a monkey swinging from a branch!
Children's Fabrics I'm loving...This Chinese girl with umbrella. The colors are strong and so defined. Think of combining this pattern with a stripe fabric or solids that coordinates. Think of painting Lilly pads flowers on the walls! Take your imagination far.........

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"My Favorite", photograher...

"The Kiss On The Sidewalk", Paris 1945.
Robert Doisneau, 1912-1994
My favorite photographer indeed, born to be a trained engraver, ended up photographing every detail of life at the perfect time and place. His art work can lend itself for any design style. It reminds people that romance will pervail no matter what happens...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Color Purple Project...

I do not know why I call this project "The Color Purple".
I guess if you back track my notes, you would know the reason!
This room is anchored by a very large boxy sofa, upholstered with a nice heavy light color chenille fabric. The accent pillows are a light pretty purple silk and right at the center an existing abstract painting from client is on display. Coffee table is a large 60x60 pewter metal with a nice pencil edging glass. Some simple decorative objects and fresh gardenias from the garden were placed on table. A texture area rug in a solid color defines the space with two swivel tub chairs and a chaise. We used low furniture in order to conserve the wonderful view of the lake.
More to come...

Monday, August 10, 2009

New Lampshades...

New Scalloped Toile Fabric Lampshades for the "Veranda Collection".

I love the soft tones of creams and light browns in this large Jungle Toile pattern. The Veranda Lamp and set of six chandelier shades are dressed up with a Kashmir Tassel Fringe and coordinating gimp. The textiles are 100% Linen, from Schumacher. This lamp collection will look great from a casual shabby look to an elegant French Country setting, perhaps accented by lots of antique silver objects!

Any inquiries, just leave a comment or log on


Friday, August 7, 2009

An Accesory Shop Visit...

Going to visit Nichols and Bauer in Palm Beach, Florida is as much fun as taking a vacation. At the shop you can find items from all over the globe. The shop is a full interior design facility open to the public six days a week.
I was browsing and getting ideas for a new project that will be nautical but with a touch of elegance. Instead of going very casual and natural, I had in mind lots of shine and color...
The silk taffeta fabric on display is very modern and it has this strong beautiful deep orange color and it is accented by these silver octopus tentacles. The square bottles or jars in the back
are so cool too!
Doing a nautical design theme doesn't mean always blue and white. Think of the bottom of the ocean and pick a color...

Any inquiries about Nichols and Bauer Shop, please leave a comment.

Have a great wk end....

Monday, August 3, 2009


S-Y-M-M-E-T-R-Y........"proportionality and balance, such as that it reflects beauty or perfection". It applies to almost everything in our lives.

Fell in love with this photo, wishing I was there!