Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Lime Green and Black"...mix it up

Love the mix of styles but also the mix of Lime Green and Black...These colors make such an impact when it comes to decorating a room.  If you are in the process of re decorating a master suite or even a guest room and want to make an impression, look for an old antique rococo style bed.  Paint bed in black and follow the simple steps...coordinate.  

Search for white bed sheets with some kind of embroidery in lime green.  Finish up bed by monogramming a pillow and place it in the center of bed.  A lime green throw will do the final touch.  Accessories such as lamps and chandeliers are a must. 

See image of a modern drum shade, why not mix antiquities with ultra modern, its a statement.  The focal point of the room is definitely the black and white Paisley wallpaper.  Don't have to do the entire room, but may be the back wall where bed is positioned.

Enjoy your new master suite and if any questions about where to get items, just click on comment and ask!

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