Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Gina's Room"...continuation

Gina's Room is almost completed, just waiting for a few accessories on back order.  As I posted last week on the blog, Gina is a teenager who wanted a sophisticated room based on a color palette.  The chosen colors were grey, turquoise and silver.  Wall tones turn out very soft and calming, is like being by the ocean. 

Because of a space issue, we thought about converting a corner, left of the closet into a vanity-storage area.  The idea was embraced and duplicating the furniture, a cabinet was created so Gina can sit down to put her make up.  The little footstool will act as a chair.  Its deep turquoise or aqua color stands out a lot, especially because of all the silver nail heads. 

The platform bed is from by American Drew, a La-Z-Boy company.  Bed has drawers and shelves at the bottom for additional storage.  A tall chest was placed on biggest wall.  A flat screen TV, still needs to be mounted on the wall above chest.  The curtains are a classic heavy cotton with a grey embroidery design, hanging from silver hardware.  Only had room for one mirror night stand, may be I will order another one for the other side.  Can't wait for the rest of the items to arrive...

So Shabby!!!

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