Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Architectural Jewels"...

Here is some of my favorite Savannah's architectural jewels. Love green the upside down corbels holding the white ornate balcony. The city street plumbing is all being updated, so there's a lot of construction going around.

This image is a combination of Moroccan style architecture mixed with a Gothic flower circles. I thought it was very unique.

This house somehow reminds me of the White House. Made with some coquina stone, looks impressive in its simplicity.

This brick house has been preserve to its best. Love the way Bay window dominates the middle of the building. Most houses have plantation shutters which can be found in so many different colors. Every house and buildings needs to have permission from its town Association in order to keep and preserve the heritage.
Indeed, Savannah is a beautiful city to visit! more to come

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