Thursday, February 18, 2010

"The Titanic Project"...

Sometimes I give projects a name. When I enter the space for the first time, that's how it hits me!!!
Anyway, this was a small job but I never say no. The house is located in the Gulf Course of PGA
Nat. here in Florida. This house will eventually be the homeowners retirement home. A few details were missing but the reason for my assistance was the odd front windows.
I immediately fell in love with the 70's Porthole Front Door. The problem was the lack of space to do a window curtain, which was the client's specifications.
After deciding for a color scheme (Black-n-White) a polished nickle hardware was chosen and installed from the wall to a stopping point of the side windows. The panels were sewn seamless, and corners were cut in angles. We double sided the fabric to give it a finished look inside-out. Nickle rings were hand sewn every 12 inches. Panels were dressed up with one pleat in and one pleat out, kind of a ripple fold effect. Tie Backs finished the clean look...
I will look for more images of house. The bar was built like a replica of a boat. It's really neat.

Happy Thursday to all.

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